Jordan Peele: the Thin Line Between Comedy & Horror

By T. R. Causay |

They say real comedy comes from pain. And comedian turned director, Jordan Peele, knows all about that.

Peele, along with Keegan Michael Key wrote and performed in the acclaimed Comedy Central sketch series Key & Peele. The show, which ran for five seasons, earned a Peabody Award and two Primetime Emmys for its hilarious and deeply pointed take on race and culture.

Key & Peele had an ingenious way way it sometimes mixed humor and horror, for example, the zombies who refused to eat black people.

“There’s a line between satire and bullying,” said Peele. “We won’t go for something that feels so mean, the funny can’t overcome it. ‘White Person Hoodie’ is a good example of a sketch I was nervous about. It’s really about something [the shooting of unarmed Florida teen Trayvon Martin]. When we showed it, the audience was tense. When they went wild at the reveal, I was like, “‘Thank god.’”

Now Peele has taken that strategy and used it in his directorial debut of a horror film called Get Out. The movie, which he also wrote and produced.

In addition to maintaining a careful balance between satire and scares, “Get Out” amplifies what it means to feel out of place in a roomful of white people. “You kind of have to know what it’s like to be a black man in a world you’re being viewed as black before you’re being viewed as human,” Peele said. “For me, that’s a very personal sort of experience.”

“As with comedy, I feel like horror and the thriller genre is a way, one of the few ways, that we can address real life horrors and social injustices in an entertaining way,” says Peele. “We go to the theater to be entertained, but if what is left after you watch the movie is a sort of eye-opening perspective on some social issues, then it can be a really powerful piece of art.” Read more on BDO

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