What About Barb? NBC Announces Plan for Female-Led Role

What About Bob?, a 1991 black comedy with a cult following of Bill Murray supporters, pro family vacationers, and even a smattering of psychiatric enthusiasts. What About Bob? tells the delightful tale of a house-ridden agoraphobe (the titular Bob, played by Murray), who follows his prestigious psychiatrist on his family vacation.

While 37% of families say that vacationing makes them happier than any other activity, Bill Murray makes 100% of humans happier than anything. The classic film, which also featured Richard Dreyfuss, has certainly made countless viewers happy over the years.

Now, we’re all in for yet another treat as What About Barb?, a comedic re-imagining on the early 1990s flick with a female-led twist, is on its way to the silver screen.

According to Variety, NBC has given a pilot order to What About Barb?.

The pilot, and potentially full season or series, will follow a psychotherapist who attempts to sever ties with her extremely overbearing patient, presumably played by Barb, but fails and subsequently has to deal with this annoying patient for much longer than expected.

The show will run as a single-camera comedy, created by screenwriter Joe Port, who will also serve alongside Joe Wiseman as executive producer. Both Port and Wiseman have plenty of on-air experience in the entertainment world. They’ve written, produced, and worked together on hit programs such as The Crazy Ones on CBS, Last Man Standing on ABC, The Odd Couple on CBS, 1600 Penn on NBC, and New Girl on FOX.

LMT Online reports that other NBC pilot projects are in the works, including a Kourtney Kang pilot, which will be about Kang’s own life as she grew up in a mixed-race family in a Philadelphia suburb. Seth Meyers and Lorene Michaels will be producing a pilot about an Ivy League professor who is forced to downgrade to a high school biology teacher.

Much like the movie What About Bob? being revamped for today’s younger demographic, a major television remake announcement was just made for NBC as well. Will and Grace, the popular sitcom that ran from 1996 to 2006, is coming back for a 10-episode revival that will feature the entire main cast.

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