New App Shows Users Best Time to Run to the Bathroom During Long Movies

A new app will revolutionize the movie industry as well as when people will decide to… use the bathroom?

A new app, RunPee, will inform a moviegoer when a three-to-four minute period of nothing important happening in the film is a good time to run to the bathroom and, well, pee.

“You don’t want to come back into the theater and someone be like, ‘Hey, Darth Vader is Luke’s father,'” said Dan Florio, former software engineer and creator of RunPee.

According to Headline and Global News, Florio came up with the RunPee idea after watching the 2008 film “King Kong,” a three-hour movie. Florio had to use the bathroom about halfway into the movie but didn’t want to miss the movie, although the constant thought of having to go to the bathroom caused him to not enjoy the movie.

RunPee will prevent this.

“Every great app solves a problem,” Florio added. “Whether it’s Google Maps — you’re lost and you need to find out how to get to someplace. RunPee solves a problem.”

Movie theater bathrooms might have to adjust their size if everyone in the theater starts using this app and runs to the bathroom at the same time. In addition, for bathrooms with ceilings over eight feet tall, more ventilation might be necessary.

RunPee also lets its users know if there’s anything important after the credits and tells users how long the credits last, and how long the bonus scene will be.

“There are two good peetimes early in the movie,” Florio wrote on the app for “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” “Neither have any action and the plot development is easy to summarize. The last peetime is for emergency use only.”

Finally, an app that answers the tough questions. There is even a setting to get vibration alerts for prime bathroom breaks.

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