‘New Marijuana’ Documentary Explores the Evolution of Cannabis

cannabis-sativa-plantIn the next five years, earnings for legal marijuana are set to exceed the film industry, but in a surprising twist, marijuana could also be helping the film industry.

A new documentary titled “New Marijuana” is bringing cannabis into the spotlight once more, and in a big way.

The film is composed of a series of short videos to help youth, parents, and educators throughout New Mexico understand the various changes marijuana and its industry have undergone over the past several decades.

The short videos cover a wide range of topics for groups of all ages and all professions in an attempt to create a better understanding of the substance and how it has evolved.

It includes information concerning medical marijuana, the effect of cannabis on teenage brains, and driving under the influence.

Recent debates and changes in the use and legal status of marijuana have led to changed perceptions of the substance, both positive and negative. In an attempt to foster a better understanding, this film also delves into recent research on cannabis and its effect on the human body.

However, this film isn’t the only one to make a star out of marijuana.

Amanda Milius, a recent graduate of USC’s MFA film program, has produced a short film as part of her thesis in which marijuana plays a large part.

The Lotus Gun” is presented by Film School Shorts, a public television program that airs across the country.

The short film features two women, Nora and Daphine, surviving together in the post-nuclear 2077. Armed with only each other and their own marijuana plant, they live a simple life until a stranger appears and shatters their solitary existence.

“Clint Eastwood is always smoking a cigar. I based Nora a bit on Clint Eastwood in various Westerns, so I thought it would be cool to update the idea so she’s always smoking a joint,” Milius said in an interview with Cannabis Now.

In the film, characters use marijuana in a variety of ways, each of which speaks explicitly to their style of life and their personalities. The two protagonists use marijuana and grow it naturally, while others choose to use it as a form of power over others.

Regardless, the film certainly makes cannabis the star of the show. Chris Schueler’s “New Marijuana” works in much the same way, although it’s less focused on sci-fi.

“With all the changes that we’ve seen in the past few years regarding legality, it seemed really important to take a look at cannabis and its various uses,” Schueler said.

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