MIT Develops New Glasses-Free 3D Technology

Over the last few years, the advent of 3D movies has produced some exceptional films for people of all ages to enjoy. The only problem, though, is that the glasses necessary to enjoy these movies are uncomfortable and — depending on your sense of style — hideous.

According to Digital Trends, that could soon change thanks to some students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MIT’s Compter Science and Artificial Intelligence Lap (CSAIL) are closer than ever to acquiring display technology that enables cinephiles to enjoy 3D movies without any additional glasses or hardware. The MIT-developed technology is called, “Cinema 3D.”

SiliconRepublic reports that this new technology would allow people anywhere in the auditorium to experience the 3D effect.

“Existing approaches to glasses-free 3D requires screens whose resolution requirements are so enormous that they are completely impractical,” said Wojciech Matusik, professor at MIT.

As of right now, Cinema 3D is not yet available to the general cinema market. For each theater to be Cinema 3D compatible, there must be at least 50 sets of lenses and mirrors installed to achieve just decent levels of quality on a screen the size of a cellphone.

The Cinema 3D process works by encoding multiple angle barriers in a single display. The range of view is then replicated across the entire theater by hundreds of mirrors and lenses within the optics system. Doing this, the MIT team believes, solves the two main issues that glasses-free 3D viewing has faced: the “unavoidable tradeoff between the range of angular images supported by the display,” and the parallax barriers being “usually observed only when a viewer is positioned at a limited range of distances from the screen.”

This is great news. Everyone could use a pick-me-up every now and then. After all, the average child catches between six and 10 colds and sometimes, the only way to cheer up is to go see a fun movie for the entire family. Pretty soon, families will be able to enjoy these films in 3D without those pesky glasses.

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